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Are you facing Relationship Problems?


Couples Problems

Relationships can face a multitude of challenges that can strain even the strongest bond. Together, we’ll work towards healing, growth, and creating a stronger foundation for a happier and more fulfilling relationship.


Parent-Child Issues

Parent-child relationships can face various challenges that impact both parties involved. If you’re experiencing communication breakdowns, behavioral issues, or a lack of connection with your child, our coaching services are here to support you.


Commitment Issues

Commitment issues can arise in relationships, causing distress and uncertainty. If you find yourself struggling with fear of commitment, difficulty in making long-term decisions, or wavering dedication, our coaching services are here to help


Family Issues

Family life can sometimes be accompanied by its fair share of challenges. Whether it’s conflicts, strained communication, or unresolved issues, our coaching services are here to support you in navigating and overcoming these obstacles.


This is platform dedicated to helping individuals create fulfilling relationships and empower their lives. Our experienced coaches are here to guide you on your journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and building meaningful connections. Through our coaching services, workshops, and resources, we aim to support you in unlocking your potential, overcoming challenges, and living a life of joy, purpose, and authenticity.

Coaching Services


Personal Growth Coaching

  • Self-Discovery and Empowerment: Discover your values, passions, and goals, and live an authentic life.
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs: Transform self-sabotaging patterns hindering growth and success.
  • Cultivating Self-Confidence: Boost self-esteem, develop self-compassion, and embrace strengths for fulfillment.

Family Coaching

Our one-on-one counseling service offers a confidential and supportive space for individuals seeking personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. Our compassionate and experienced counselors are dedicated to guiding you on your unique journey towards transformation and empowerment. During your counseling sessions, we will work collaboratively to explore the challenges you face, gain deeper insights into your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and develop personalized strategies for overcoming obstacles. 


Relationship Coaching

  • Enhancing Relationship Skills: Improve communication, resolve conflicts, and build emotional intimacy for thriving relationships.
  • Dating and Relationship Guidance: Navigate the complexities of dating, attract healthy partners, and foster lasting connections.
  • Couples Coaching: Strengthen bonds, rekindle passion, and revitalize relationships through personalized coaching.



Conflict Resolution

  • Personal Empowerment Programs: Offering group programs focused on personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment, providing a supportive community and valuable tools for transformation.

Life Transitions & Transformation:

  • Career Coaching: Guiding individuals in discovering their true calling, navigating career transitions, and creating a fulfilling professional life.
  • Life Balance and Well-being: Supporting clients in finding balance, managing stress, and prioritizing self-care to enhance overall well-being.
  • Life Purpose and Meaning: Helping individuals explore their life purpose, align their actions with their values, and find deeper meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

Digital Store

  • Recommended Books and Resources: Curating a list of recommended books, podcasts, and resources that inspire personal development, positive relationships, and overall well-being.

Bestseller ebooks

Happy Clients

Before my wife and l were married, we received premarital counseling from Lifavenue. The time we spent together created a great foundation for us to stand on. They spent equal time challenging both of us. They were very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. The coach also felt comfortable sharing his own life experience. We would recommend these counseling services to anyone stepping into marriage or for those troubled by challenges in an existing marriage.
Testimonial Image
Aada Laine
These sessions guided me through my transition and helped me clearly identify my "bent" and calling in life. As a result, my relationship with my wife and kids has improved remarkably and I have a new found enthusiasm in my daily work.
Testimonial Image
Caitlynn Potts
“I am definitely a white personality!!! Taking this test has truly opened my eyes to a lot about myself, my kids, close loved ones, and friends!!! I struggle with communicating my thoughts verbally so being somewhat knowledgeable about other colors allows me to asses my audience better and in turn attempt to communicate better!!! I highly suggest this to everyone!! It would be a great "go-to" tool for employers, families, churches, coaches, etc...
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Alisa Hester
This was my first time using a relationship coach. I wanted a relationship coach to further my growth. Valentina was absolutely easy to work with, pleasant, stern and firm, and did not hesitate to provide honest candid feedback, plenty of helpful resources to help me with my situation, and refocused me when I was unfocused. I would recommend her to anyone without a second thought. Thank You
Caitlynn Potts
Thanks for your time and great coaching, Todd. I was able to make some positive changes that I needed to make for quite some time. Your tips and accountability helped tremendously!
Aada Laine
This is exactly what I needed in my life. I was a little skeptical but my coach turned out to be so nonjudgmental which made me comfortable to work through some difficult hurdles. I also loved being able to start from the base of why I exist and my core to find what I should do in life. This is really the key to finding happiness and being true to myself and being intentional and this program helped me find what that is and what I want in life and gave me the confidence to go for it.
Alisa Hester
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